Link BSNL Mobile Number with Aadhaar Card

           How to link Aadhaar with BSNL  Mobile Number (BSNL  Sim Card)As you know recently Pan cards & Bank accounts are linked with Aadhaar card. Same now aadhaar need to link with your BSNL  mobile number (BSNL  Sim card).This is mandatory to link aadhaar to BSNL  sim card by India government. So there is not a lengthy process; this process is very simple and doesn't need to worry about this.Just follow the steps.

1.     At first, find BSNL  store or BSNL  Retail Shop.

2.     Now go to the BSNL  store with your aadhaar card & mobile and give Aadhaar Card Number to a representative they will send you an OTP (One time password) in your mobile number for verification.

3.     Give that OTP and then they will tell you for the biometric test (Finger print). Up to 1-3 times. 

4.     Just wait for a minute and you will get SMS from your BSNL .(Received Request Acknowledgement)

5.     Now, wait for max 48 Hours you will get a confirmation message.

Remember some Retail shop is charge 10 to 100 Rs but its totally free of cost. There are no charges.Better you find official store rather than non-official.

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