Get your aadhaar card with out mobile number online | AADHAAR Card mobile number lost SOLUTION

        Don't worry and do not panic first.If you lost your mobile phone and still you not downloaded your aadhaar card then here is the full solution.Just follow my steps and watch complete video to know all things.Video in Hindi..

Steps to Get Aadhaar Card with Out Your Registered Mobile number


1. Open this website

2. Scroll down and click on Download Aadhaar.

3. After opening This Website just Type your all details.Enrollment number,Name...

4. Now in the field of Mobile Number just type your any mobile number which is present at you.

5. After these think just click on Generate OTP and get your OTP in that mobile and put that in bellow box.

6. Your File will download automatically.Use your PIN CODE to access that pdf file. 


Watch This Video Till End

Watch in youtube (good quality):

Some Tricks

- For Aadhaar download access that website at late night or early morning.

- Use private windod to access website. 

 If you still facing problem the just find near aadhaar centre and get your aadhaar by biometric finger print.

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