Aadhaar Seeding to LPG Connection (easy 6 methods)


Aadhar Card linking to LPG by submitting the application to distributor. First of all you need to get the form from your dstributer and fill it and submit the application.

Method 2 

Link Aadhar Card to LPG by Calling the Call Center
To make it easier for the customers the government has provided the facility of call center.

Call 18000-2333-555
Follow the instructions

Method 3

Aadhar Card LPG Linkage Process Online:
The process can also be done via online mode, for complete procedure of linking Aadhar card to LPG Online you have to go the official websites of your LPG distributor.

Method 4

Via Post : You can also complete the process of linking the aadhar and LPG connection through post
You need to get the form from store.
The form along with the enclosures should be sent to the specific address.

Method 5

Via IVRS: IVRS is Interactive Voice Response System. Each LPG company have set up IVRS to help the customers in connecting their aadhar card with LPG Connection. The IVRS for each district are different.

Method 6

Through SMS: Aadhar card can easily be linked to the LPG connection by simply sending an SMS.The numbers are different for evry distributer.

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